Monday, February 14, 2011

..never planned on this......

Dearest Newbie,  (this includes me)

This my first blog post is dedicated to those who thought about a new thing and finally did it!  Taking bow, receiving bow, the ever so sweet curtsey, etc etc.  I am so excited to share my thoughts and new found bad spelling!  To share living in a place only country songs are written about and the people in the plot.  New loves and fears.  Family and the loss therein.  Food! 

I suppose I need some sort of theme here.  I call this blog Plan B.  I respond to this title.  I embrace it.  When your first plan shits the fan get back into bed and rise with Plan B.  Always a plan b.....there is always a plan b.....even if you never, ever thought about it.....there it is living as your idea and reaction.

So raise those glasses and fans...CHEERS! goes somethin'.....  


  1. Off to a great start!!! I look forward to more!

  2. I second Sarah's comment!! Keep em coming girl! :)